A range of 'D' rings, eyelets,

mirror plates and strap hangers cover a wide range of frame sizes and weights. 'D' rings, when fitted, are strung with our super strong picture cord having a breaking strength of 150kg.

Saw Tooth Hangers are popular with smaller frames and can be either screwed to the frame moulding at the back or slip over the top of the back board when the frame moulding is very narrow and will not take a screw.


Picture Framing, Photo, Art and Canvas Printing.

Strut backs available in standard photo frame sizes along with 'clip over' bracket and stand for those awkward non-standard sized frames.

'Clip over' friction hangers and 'Lay Flat D rings' are used with medium to large sized frames that have hardboard backs and a narrow moulding which could not take screws long enough to support their weight.

The correct hardware for your frame comes supplied as standard. Whatever the shape or size we can advise the best way to hang it.